Dreaming of a new world whilst clinging to my diminishing hope

I wish for nothing but goodness and pray that we may cope.

With the hatred and violence we now see daily and all so too often

I dream of the day we are one and our hearts begin to soften.


Urgent Encouragement Needed

Wrote my first piece last week and would really love some feedback from all fellow bloggers, As I am new to this it might just be the encouragement someone like me needs to continue this writing journey I am trying to undertake because as it stands I’m feeling like its pointless writing anything if there are no readers!

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A Mothers Priority


As a fulltime mum it goes without saying that my daughter comes first, she genuinely is the boss of me and would feel deeply lost without her.

Yet recently I am feeling a different kind of loss, a feeling of self loss. Everyday whilst going through my daily routine and dealing with the energy of my beautiful 5 year old I have many ideas, thoughts and stories rushing around this complicated brain of mine yet they seem to be wasted as I ignore them helplessly.

My fantastic partner tries hard (bless him) to understand some of the things I throw his way daily as he walks through the door from a hard days work but we all know what men are like lol. As much as they try to understand us women im beginning to think that we really are from 2 very different planets!

I have decided that my thoughts and ideas shall no longer be wasted and have started this blog in the hopes that someone out there may find some use for them!


I have only recently heard about this blogging lark lol and this is all completely alien to me, therefore I feel obliged to thank all you guys in advance for your patience but if my blogging makes someone out there stop and think for a moment, smile unintentionally or shed a tear of joy or sadness then I have reached and touched someones heart, that will be mission accomplished for me and will confirm that I really am ‘more than just a mother’!